ISO-Certified to Meet Your Quality Requirements

At General Carbide, we’ve invested in the quality systems and process needed to become ISO 9001:2015-certified as of May 2017. That’s because we’re committed to meeting the highest standards in everything we do. We achieve a superior level of quality by using:

  • CAD/CAM systems that add speed and accuracy to the early stages of production
  • CNC machines that allow us to make complex shapes with superior dimensional control
  • Inspections throughout production using coordinate measuring machines
  • Packaging systems that help to ensure your shipment arrives in perfect condition

Our quality policy is simple, yet powerful, and consists of:

  • Meeting or exceeding customers’ requirements for quality and performance
  • Manufacturing and shipping zero-defect products on-time
  • Cultivating a culture of continuous improvement

Whether your requirements are complex or clear-cut, General Carbide has the engineering expertise, quality control and value pricing to become your single source for preferred supplier of components and assemblies for tungsten carbide tooling used in a variety of industrial wear and metal forming applications.

Sinter-HIP Advantages

What is Sinter-HIP?

Sinter-HIP is a method of thermal consolidation. The simultaneous application of heat and pressure consolidates the carbide during sintering, which results in a dense product that contains little or no porosity.

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Results in Superior Reliability

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • General Industrial
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Oil & Gas

Beyond excellent transverse rupture strength, sinter-HIPed carbide preforms offer outstanding:

  • Compressive Strength (> 600,000 psi)
  • Torsional Strength
  • Resistance to Deflection, Corrosion & Wear
  • Fracture Toughness

The Theory Behind the Practice

Quality Policy

General Carbide Corporation is strongly committed to being a World Class Supplier of Tungsten Carbide Preforms and Finished Goods. We maintain an ISO 9001 compliant Quality Management System and promote a culture of continuous improvement for both the quality of our products and systems.

At General Carbide Corporation, “WE CAN!”

  • Work Together as a Cohesive Team
  • Exceed our Customers' Expectations for Quality and Performance
  • Continually Improve our Products and Processes
  • Always Deliver On Time
  • No Defects!